I am utterly convinced that digital scripture study can be more powerful than traditional scripture study methods, and this blog covers just a few of the many reasons. Today we will be talking about using the settings options in Gospel Library to make the app work well for you.

Tip #1: Adjust the text size.


One of the big drawbacks of physical scriptures is that the print is SO tiny. Fortunately it is easy to adjust the text size in Gospel Library. Just tap the three little dots in the top right-hand corner, and select “Settings” from the menu. Within Settings, scroll down and tap “Text Size.”

Coincidentally, it is also possible to easily increase the text size on lds.org. Just push the “+” button while holding the “ctrl” button down and the text will get larger with every push. To make the screen look like normal again, either tap the “-” button while holding “ctrl,” as many times as it takes to look normal again, or else hit, “ctrl” and “0” once at the same time. That will reset the screen to it’s original size.

lds.org at normal text size.
lds.org with the text at 125%

Tip #2: Change the “theme.”

Many of the changes that take place when you adjust Gospel Library’s theme are inconsequential, just intended to appeal to different tastes. For the most part, I use “Default” when I’m blogging about Gospel Library, because that is what most people have. However, there is a really nifty theme that I employ a lot in my personal study. It’s called, “Night.”

The night theme is useful if you ever read from gospel library in a dark room. Sometimes before I go to bed, or before I get out of bed, I’ll do a little scripture study. My eyes are adjusted to the dark and a glaring, bright-white screen is unpleasant. This is when I use “Night” theme. I have also found that “Night” theme is perfectly legible during the day. My husband uses it 24/7.


Changing to “Night” Theme is easy. Just tap the three little dots in the top right-hand corner, and select “Settings” from the menu. Within Settings, scroll down and tap “Theme.” (FYI, the theme in use will be listed in grey below the “Theme” option.) Within Theme, select the option you want to try out, or hit cancel.

Tip #3: Change Audio Settings

I’d say this is kind of advanced functionality, not because it’s hard, but because it’s the kind of thing only “power users” will want to do. However, if you like to listen to the scriptures or conference talks, it is possible to increase the playback speed. Tap the three dots in the top-right main menu. Select “Settings” and then select “Audio Settings.”


You can see in the third screenshot above that my playback speed is set to 1.0X, that means it’s at normal speed (the normal speed times 1) You can change it to go up to 3X normal speed. I just keep it at normal. Fast-paced playback speeds give me a headache.

One thing I have changed here is that I deselected “Continuous Play.” This means that when the playback completes the chapter I have selected, it will stop playing instead of moving forward to the next chapter (or conference talk). I turned off continuous play because when I use the audio function, I usually want to listen to one specific chapter or talk. I get disoriented if it just keeps going.

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