23. Connections between Points of Doctrine


Scriptures: 2 Nephi 2:9-30

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 7: 2 Nephi 1–3

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life

What Was Forbidden?

Man Should Act for Himself

“An Angel of God … Became a Devil”

“All Things” Were Affected by the Fall of Adam

What Is the Difference Between Sin and Transgression?

“Adam Fell That Men Might Be”



The Fall – Elder Bruce C. Hafen (0:53)

Things to Act and Things to Be Acted Upon – Elder David A. Bednar  (0:56)

Three Pillars of God’s Plan – Elder Russell M. Nelson (0:47)

We Are “Free to Choose” – Elder Russell M. Nelson (0:35)


Journal Prompt: 

Based on what you learn from 2 Nephi 2:5–10, how would you explain to someone not of our faith the need for the Atonement of Jesus Christ?

What is the relationship between the trials, adversity, and afflictions we encounter and what our Heavenly Father knows we can become? (see 2 Nephi 2:2).

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