29. The Atonement Taught Part II


Scriptures: 2 Nephi 9: 28-54

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 9: 2 Nephi 9–10 

“They Think They Are Wise”
“To Be Learned Is Good”
“Wo unto the Liar”
Christ Is the “Keeper of the Gate”
“Buy … without Money”



Look to Christ and Come Alive – President Gordon B. Hinckley (0:32)


Journal Prompt: 

Why is it important to realize that Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice applies to you as an individual? What can you do to deepen your understanding of the Lord’s Atonement?

 How can you know if your life is pleasing to the Lord?

Why do you think the Atonement needed to be infinite?

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