44. Two Nations


Scriptures: 2 Nephi 29 & 30

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 13: 2 Nephi 28–30

The Book of Mormon “Shall Hiss Forth”

The Coming Forth of Additional Scripture

The Testimony of Two Nations

Additional Records Yet to Come Forth

“Jews … Shall Begin to Believe in Christ”



The Book of Mormon “Shall Hiss Forth” – President Ezra Taft Benson (1:13)


Journal Prompt: 

 How has additional scripture increased your knowledge of the doctrines of the restored gospel?

In what ways does the Book of Mormon testify that the Lord is God over the whole earth?

Explain in a family home evening setting what is wrong with the claim of accepting the Bible as the word of God while rejecting the Book of Mormon.

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