60. King Benjamin’s Sermon Part 3


Scriptures: Mosiah 4

Book of Mormon Student Manual

The Book of Mormon Student Manual: Chapter 19: Mosiah 4–8


“Less Than the Dust of the Earth”

Applying the “Atoning Blood of Christ”

“Peace of Conscience”

Come to a Knowledge of the Atonement

“Retain a Remission of Your Sins”

Raising Righteous Children

Imparting to the Poor

“Not Requisite That a Man Should Run Faster than He Has Strength”



Watch Your Thoughts – President Henry B. Eyring (1:17)

The “Natural Man” (3:23)


Journal Prompt: 

 What do you need to do to “retain a remission of your sins”? (Mosiah 4:12; see also verses 9–30).

Examine Mosiah 4:5–13 and discover some of the attributes of God identified by King Benjamin in his discourse.

Mosiah 4:12–16 reviews several aspects of gospel living. Select two of them that are most meaningful to you and create a plan to apply them in your life more fully.

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